OAKVILLE ARTS STUDIO    280 North Service Road , Unit A-8, Oakville Ontario Canada    905 257 2446     oakvilleartsstudio@gmail.com


To provide a safe, all-inclusive creative community where individuals can experience connection, achieve balance, and growth, through their own self-expression to ultimately become self-empowered in the quest of a healthier community.



We work with individuals using a variety of art forms, consistent self-expression, and community connection, to achieve emotional balance, build confidence and consequently self-empowerment.


The Oakville Art Studio was founded by Ixchel Suarez, internationally renowned weaver, in 2007 to introduce children and adults to the wonderful world of art. Ixchel’s children loved to paint with their friends while listening to music. This concept was expanded on, and little by little our artistic refuge grew to what we have today: a wonderful place for kids, teens, and adults to explore various forms of visual art. Whether you want to learn more about painting, drawing, illustration, textile, or fibre arts, you will find inspiration and assistance in our studio. Listen to classical music while you explore new techniques. Enjoy the community of people. This place will make you want to stay!