(updated Friday, April 17th)

Through the Arts we have the ability to take care of our well being, maintaining emotional balance, as well as our mental health - during these unprecedented times this has become an essential practice. 


We want to share with you information about the programs our instructors have been offering these past weeks, that are available to you. 


Since Monday, March 23rd  we have proudly provided a substantial online platform - OHAS ONLINE (Zoom classes/ FB & IG LIVE) and the OHAS VIDEO LIBRARY which is increasing every week with full content for several classes, representing hours of video/sessions which can be seen and practiced at any time. OHAS ONLINE CLASSES are available to all who enrolled in our Spring 1, and or Spring 2 Sessions, these students should have received emails with Zoom and Video Library Passwords. 

At this point all classes, camps, events and workshops have been cancelled until the end of June and OAS has no revenue coming in. The studio, materials, marketing, and administration for the spring programs has all been paid for. Unfortunately, OHAS will not be able to get refunds on things like studio rental, marketing, administration, and materials, and therefore is unable to pass refunds on to students.


We do want to make sure our customers are taken care of and not losing what they paid for, so at this point we have our OHAS ONLINE offering until the end of June for those enrolled in Spring 1 & 2 session. 


If you prefer to use your OHAS ONLINE classes during July/August we will be happy to credit you for summer classes. This will allow you to hold your spot, so that if we do get some good news, we may be able to get some summer programs in.  We will be bringing more options for zoom, video  & live classes for the Fall. 


We thank you all for your support and patience. It has not been easy for anyone, however, the Oak Heights Arts Studios has put in great effort to provide students with several options to extend our programs during this emergency state. 



Stay safe. We are looking forward, and to the best of our ability we are re-inventing our Studio for you - our students, families, instructors and our community

 - We are all in this together -